The BSC MARINE GROUP applies Quality Assurance practices to ISO 9001. 

Our management and quality assurance system centres around proprietary software named  "SHIPSHAPE" founded in 1994 and developed fully in-house.  The prototype design of this software, with "deemed mandatory features" unable to be found in any existing commercial software, went live in 1996 and after some two months of operating in parallel with existing systems the umbilical cord was cut and the system went stand-alone. Since that time it has operated without downtime. The system, running firstly on a Novell network (presently Linux), seamlessly integrates our design office with the production floor with real time control and management in relation to design / requisitioning, purchasing and receiving of goods / production and job management / and document registration and control.

SHIPSHAPE was conceived as a computer networked "paperleast QA system" for managing projects; effectively integrating design, manufacturing systems, purchasing and products, document control, and knowledge systems; which together comprise the quality system for our business.

SHIPSHAPE provides for timely reporting and control of all our internal and external documentation and correspondence; including project specifications, drawings, procedures and work instructions, inspection and test plans (ITP's), incl. the control of revisions to the above),  job codes for time recording, production scheduling, non-conformance reporting, design change requests, surveyor comments, rules and regulations, external standards, meeting minutes, product R&D, product specifications, bill of materials, quotations, requisitioning of goods, ordering/purchasing system, receiving of goods.

Our quality control in design R&D, new vessel prototyping, and product integrity is achieved by design due diligence, review, compliance (standards, rules and regs), testing, correction and control.

QA Policy Manual and QA Procedures Documentation was completed by April 1998 and our formalised QA System has been in operation since that time.

Outline of SHIPSHAPE system

SHIPSHAPE is an integrated management information system providing timely and relevant information for the purpose of managing and assuring our quality and for effective management control of the ship design, marketing and building process. An outcome of any systematic approach such as SHIPSHAPE is that productivity is greatly increased by the effective and timely communication of objectives; budgets and daily tasks.

  1. Organisational Structure
  2. Projects
  3. Design
  4. Production
  5. Products
  6. Purchasing
  7. Stores / Receiving of Goods
  8. Document Registration and Filing Systems
  9. Action Management
  10. Contacts
  11. Data Structures

SHIPSHAPE Organisational Structure

  1. Cost Centres and Cost Centre Managers
  2. Departments and Department Co-ordinators
  3. Project Manager(s)
  4. Activity and KPI reporting by responsibility area


  1. Project Register (by Business Activity)
  2. Project Management tools and reporting incl. integrated Principal Particulars / Specfications / Drawings / WBS attribute development by project (Hulls, Activities, SUP's / Zones, Systems) / Transmittals and Contact Logs / Actions / Review notes and comments / eFiles
  3. Filtering by Type / Cost Centre / Region (for marketing) / Active status


  1. Design Projects
  2. Drawing Register
  3. Action Request Form (ARF)
  4. Drawing Revisons
  5. Drawings review tracking and reporting
  6. Drawing Coding to Projects and Job Codes / Job Sheets
  7. Drawing Issues (controlled and uncontrolled)
  8. Design Management and Reporting
  9. Drafting Management and Reporting

SHIPSHAPE Production

  1. Project Work Breakdown Structure planning (by Activity); incl. integration with Project Specifications / Drawings / BOM's / Purchasing and Delivery Summary / Inspection and Test Plan / Rules and Regs / Standards / Procedures.
  2. Task planning (Budgeting  / Duration / Start and Finish dates / Task networking (predecessors and sucesors)
  3. Production Scheduling integrated to WBS. (incl. critical path determination / schedule date conflict resolution system)
  4. Labour/Time Management for each Activity Code (Task) and reporting for EV assessment (Actual Hours to Date / %age completion / Forecast Hours to complete / Comments re. delays holdups)
  5. SPI (schedule performance / variance) and CPI (budget hours performance and variance) reporting   
  6. Action request Forms (ARF's)
  7. Daily Job WIP list and codes for time recording
  8. Daily Timesheets 
  9. Reports


  1. Product Listing by Category / Type / Sub-type
  2. Integrated information for products:
  • purchasing history (incl. quotes) by product

  • brands

  • product information and specifications

  • units of measure (supply and purchasing)

  • attachment of electronic files / pdf's

SHIPSHAPE Purchasing 

  1. Purchasing Register and Database
  2. Request for Goods (RFG) / Specification Bill of materials ("BOM") / Job Sheet BOM / Direct
  3. Quotation Request ("quick" versus product table lookup)
  4. Purchase Requisition
  5. Purchase Order

SHIPSHAPE Stores / Receiving of Goods 

  1. Outstanding Orders management and reporting
  2. Stores / Receiving of Goods (Partial versus Full Receipt of Goods)
  3. Receipting of Documents required with Purchased Goods
  4. Receiving of Plant and Equipment
  5. P&E Register

SHIPSHAPE Document Registration and Filing Systems 

  1. Transmittal Register
  2. Outlook (email) Integration and Filing System
  3. Filing System - Paper based records
  4. Filing System - Electronic Records (other than email)
  5. Record Coding System

Transmittal Register

  1. Record Source (Outgoing / Incoming / Internal / ARF)
  2. Record Types (Paper based / eMail)
  3. Record Actioning system
  4. Record Distribution system

Outlook (email) Integration

  1. Select Outlook folder and import to ShipShape database
  2. Validate to ShipShape CRM database
  3. Auto and manual coding of emails
  4. email management tools incl. blacklisting, actioning

Filing System - Paper Based records

  1. File Types (Entity / Subject / E&C / Register)
  2. File indexing (DRN / FRN)
  3. File Contents Reports
  4. File Audit

Filing system - Electronic Records (other than email)

  1. import electronic file(s) (either individually or batch import for a selected directory - local drive or network drive)
  2. record essentials - link Author to CRM database / record date.
  3. record coding

Record Coding Systems

  1. Coding to Projects
  2. Coding to Job Codes
  3. Coding to Departments
  4. Coding to Registers
  5. Coding to Product Categories and/or Brands
  6. Coding to Vessel types

SHIPSHAPE Action Management

  1. Actions Register
  2. Creating an Action
  3. Integrated Coding to Projects / Job Codes / Departments
  4. Delegation and/or Communication of Action
  5. Completing an Action
  6. "Action(s) Outstanding" management and reporting


  1. Contact types - Entity / Employees and Contractors / Individuals 
  2. Contacts Register
  3. Contacts Register Coding
  4. Contact Log

Contacts Register Coding

  1. Cost centre coding
  2. Supplier of Product
  3. Relationship(s)
  4. Representatives
  5. Supplier Brand Management

Contact Log

  1. Entering a Contact Log
  2. Log Coding  (project / job coding / department coding)
  3. Log Action
  4. Log e-mail communication

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